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UFASI relationship teams consist of:

Advisor in Charge of Relationship

Directly responsible for providing all services and acts as the day-to-day contact for the client.

Immediate Back-Up Support, as Required

A second advisor to provide back-up to the lead advisor, if needed.  Two advisors being present can offer different perspectives and approaches to important topics being addressed.

Associate Advisor and/or Administrative Support

Provides technical and production support as required.

Management Oversight

Principal of UFASI has responsibility for all municipal advisory services provided by the advisory group.

UFASI consists of six Municipal Advisor Representatives (MAPs), three support staff, and an operations manager.  Scroll down for bio’s of our MAPs.
Patricia Baker.

Patricia A. Baker

Senior Vice President of Operations
Email • 508.849.4230
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Margaret MacLean.

Margaret A. MacLean

Vice President & Senior Fiscal Advisor Principal

Email  •  508.849.4225
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David Eisenthal

David M. Eisenthal

Vice President & Senior Fiscal Advisor

Email  •  508.849.4222
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Lynn Foster Welsh

Lynne A. Foster-Welsh

Vice President & Senior Fiscal Advisor

Email  •  508.849.4223
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Ben Oglesby

Ben Oglesby

Vice President & Senior Fiscal Advisor
Email • 508.277.6882
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Brianne Susel

Brianne M. Susel

Vice President

Email • 508.849.4228
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Derek Boughner

Derek R. Boughner

Fiscal Advisor Officer

Email • 508.849.4244
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Caitlyn Freeman
Support Staff

Caitlyn Freeman

Senior Fiscal Advisory Associate

Support Staff

Alex Kauffman

Senior Fiscal Advisory Associate

Professional Affiliations

  • Massachusetts Treasurers and Collectors Association
  • Massachusetts Government Finance Officers Association
  • Massachusetts Municipal Association
  • Massachusetts School Building Officers Association
  • New England Government Finance Officers Association
  • Connecticut Government Finance Association
  • Maine Government Finance Officers Association